sculpture | 2017 | attractor |

                                                © Photography Giorgio Skory                                        + Plexiglas

rts |Швейцарское телевидение | Вечерние новости | Команда университетской больницы Лозанны (CHUV)  в партнерстве с Юрием Мессен-Яшиным выясняют возможности лечения некоторых психических расстройств посредством Оп-Арт | 7.30 pm. | 15.08.2016 |

TV night news of the RTS  Swiss television spread the report «Brain project and Op art by Youri Messen-Jaschin»» 7.30 pm A team from Lausanne University Hospital of Cantonal University Hospital has joined an artist to understand the possibly to treat some psychiatric disorders with the Op art.

perpetuum mobile VII | 2016

Art Basel 2017: What you do not see in the video is the 3 dimension. The camera can not yet captured this dimension, certainly in the future, not today. Perpetuum Mobile VII Op art 77 x 77 cm available:  €  11’727.— © 2016 | Youri Messen-Jaschin | Video: 2016 | © Pierre-Michel Delessert  and Youri…